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Join us for season 1 of Investigate Earth Conspiracy Podcast. We talk about all the top conspiracy theories around the world with new information on many of the stories. We invite our listener's opinions and thoughts so that we can share what you think on each conspiracy. Most shows will be a 2 part series. You do not want to miss it!

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Illuminati Conspiracy Podcast

Who are the Illuminati? Are they still around? In this first part of the multiple part series, we examine who started the Illuminati and...

Navy Confirms UFO Sightings

Today the Navy Confirms UFO Sightings and really the existence of UFO's. Pilots around the world have been saying they have seen what they...

Social Media Censorship

On today's show, we discuss the crazy Social Media Censorship going on with Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. What does this mean for you? Find...