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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial | Your rights on trial

As of today, November 15, 2021, the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial has finally reached the closing arguments portion. Kyle Rittenhouse at the time of the shootings was a 17-year-old kid that was brave enough to go into the riot-filled streets of Kenosha WI to help. The very night the shootings occurred, the media went straight into blaming this event on racism and white nationalism. Not only did they blame racism, but they also lied to America about the facts surrounding the shootings. To be clear, there was NOTHING ever presented that ever showed Rittenhouse as a racist or white nationalist.

The media said, Rittenhouse, carried the gun across state lines, provoked “protestors” to attack, and was in Kenosha to kill. This was the narrative the media led the public to believe.

kyle rittenhouse judge yells at thomas binger
Judge Bruce Schroeder yells at Thomas Binger in the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

During the course of the trial, the prosecution (Thomas Binger and James Kraus) did an embarrassing job proving their case. They have also had many arguments with Judge Bruce Schroeder over many topics of the case. Judge Schroeder had already clarified topics that were not admissible in court, but the prosecution presented these topics against the Judge’s orders. Due to these obvious and intentional actions by the prosecution, defense attorneys (Corey Chirafisi and Mark Richards) asked the court for a mistrial with prejudice. If the judge were to grant the mistrial request on the basis of prejudice, the case would then be dismissed and could not be retried.

Your Rights on Trial

The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial is solely based on your right to self-defense.  If Rittenhouse were to be convicted of murder, when all evidence presented during the trial point to self-defense, this is trouble for your self-defense right. Why would a murder conviction make a difference in your right to self-defense? If you have ever followed court cases where any of our rights are brought into question, many times courts base case law on previous rulings or convictions. If Kyle Rittenhouse is convicted of murder in this case, it essentially says that if someone is attacking you, although you feel your life is in danger, and you protect yourself with deadly force, you will have a higher chance of being charged with murder.

your right to self defense

This is exactly what this deep state and tyrannical government want you to believe. They want you to believe that although you may have a weapon, you will face life-ruining consequences if you have to use your weapon for self-defense. This has been a political prosection from the start. Take, for instance, one of the detectives that investigated the case. The detective testified that the prosecution advised them to not execute a search warrant for the cell phone of one of the rioters shot by Rittenhouse. The police also never came up with a skateboard used to hit Kyle Rittenhouse or the gun of one of the rioters that were used to point at Rittenhouse.

Not only the search warrants that were not executed, but the FBI had drone footage of the entire incident of the first shooting of Joseph Rosenbaum that would have proved self-defense in the first place. This entire Kyle Rittenhouse Trial is nothing more than a political prosecution to chip away at your right to self-defense. The media and prosecution want you to believe that the violent rioters are “heroes” or “great people”. The truth is, they were rioters that thought they were above the law and invincible.

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We will have updates to this article as soon as the jury reaches a verdict in the case.

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