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Skinwalker Ranch is possibly one of the most active properties anywhere in the world for ufo activity. The new television show ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’ features some of the top scientists seeking an explanation for these unexplained events.

Reports of UFOs, cattle mutilations, and shapeshifting creatures have continued throughout the years. There have been a few owners in that time, with the first reports coming from the Sherman Family. Terry Sherman was a cattle rancher that bought this 512-acre dream property in the early ’90s. Only 18 months later, the Shermans sold the property due to the many crazy events they experienced on the Skinwalker Ranch.

Terry Sherman Skinwalker ranch | Investigate Earth Podcast
Terry Sherman explains a recent cattle mutilation to the media

Robert Bigelow Buys The Property

The recipient of the famed Ranch was a real estate mogul and UFO enthusiast by the name of Robert Bigelow. Bigelow and his team quickly set up 24-hour surveillance hoping to find an answer for the paranormal/ufo events. From what the new owners know about Bigelow’s time owning the ranch, most if any real evidence was never released.

Robert Bigelow | Skinwalker Ranch | Investigate Earth Podcast
Robert Bigelow beside his private space stations for rent or sale

Many sources claim Bigelow was also working with the government on the various experiments. As of the time of this writing, no one knows the results of the experiments. What we do know is after Bigelow sold the Ranch, Bigelow started an aerospace company where he develops what they call ‘private space stations’.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch

The ranch was sold to Adamantium Real Estate that soon after the purchase requested a trademark for the name ‘Skinwalker Ranch’. Since then, the History Channel created a television series that currently has 1 season released. The show follows scientists to the Ranch where they find scientific ways to prove the existence of either UFOs, Paranormal, or both.

Skinwalker Ranch cast
Scientist prepare a weather balloon with radiation monitoring equipment

Although we will not give away what exactly happens on the show, let’s just say the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch is worth the watch. The scientists that are on the show are highly experienced in astrophysics, mathematics, and more. I truly believe they are truly close to groundbreaking evidence that we are not alone.

We go into detail on our thoughts on what is going on at The Skinwalker Ranch and touch on some other very interesting perspectives. Listen below.

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