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US Border Crisis 2021

The US Border Crisis 2021 is real and is getting worse by the day. What is going on and why has the President or Vice President still not been to visit the border? As for why this is happening, if you ask pretty much any border patrol agent, they say it is from Biden’s policies or lack of.

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The US Border Crisis 2021 is due in large part to Biden’s complete reversal of the Trump administration policies. President Trump’s border policies deterred thousands of people from even trying to come through the border because they knew they would be caught and sent back.

The problem with the US Border Crisis 2021 is that we have no idea who and how many are getting through undetected. So far the border patrol has captured people from 63 different countries, including know terrorists. The scary part is that we have no idea how many terrorists, cartel members, or sex traffickers are making their way through.

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Two Yemeni men on the FBI’s terror watchlist arrested at southern border

States all along the US/Mexico border are struggling to find ways to deal with the massive influx of people crossing the border. Some of these people are making their way from over a thousand miles away and are having to pay cartel members along the way.

The Mexican drug cartels are essentially controlling our border. Without the Biden administration’s help, we are extremely low on resources to deal with the problem, and the cartels and terrorists will and are taking advantage of that.

A great video series from an independent journalist by the name of Peter Santanello has just been released. Peter visits the US/Mexico border to try and gauge how bad the US Border Crisis 2021 really is. He is guided by members of the Cajun Navy and goes right into what is really going on, from someone on the ground.

Part 2

Par 3

This series is a 6 part series on his time spent at the US/Mexico border. Be sure to stay up to date as the new episodes come out on Peter’s Youtube channel reguarly. Below is our podcast episode on the Border Crisis 2021! Enjoy

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