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Conservative Censorship

There is no group in America being censored more than conservatives. I could pretty much end the article there, I mean how much explaining really needs to be done? I will also say that conservative censorship is not the only problem here. Big tech is censoring basically anyone that does not agree with the left and big tech’s agenda. With that said, you do not have to be conservative to be censored.

Another group of people in America that are also starting to have a problem are comedians. Nowadays it’s tough to tell a joke without someone trying to cancel you. Nobody is supposed to have a different opinion than the opinions the mainstream media and the administration is pushing out. Conservative censorship is not just a problem among conservatives but will be a problem for everyone.

Mexican Spaceship
You will not understand this image until you listen to this episode! LOL listen to the end

See, for now, democrats and people that agree with most of what the media and the Biden administration says think this is great. Let’s censor them, so we don’t have to hear anything they have to say, the democrats scream out, but what happens when it’s them? Well, then it will be far too late! Conservative censorship is only the beginning of the end for freedom of speech, which I thought we all appreciated, democrat or republican?

Disclaimer: This podcast episode is absolute entertainment I would say. We tried to not get too deep on this subject, but man did we have a good time. I also think it’s by far our funniest podcast we have ever done.

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Thanks for checking out a little more about who you listen to on our podcast! I live in South Carolina with my wife and many dogs! I'm sure some of you may have heard the dogs from time to time on the show. We started this podcast because we feel like there is so much out there that many people mindlessly ignore that may have major consequences for our world 🌎 down the road. Our mission is to uncover and talk about as many topics as possible that the media and government will lie about and cover up. There has to be truth seekers out there, and more and more of those people are being silenced. I hope that you enjoy this journey with us, and feel free to reach out to come anytime to just say hello or even with show ideas!
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