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New World Order in 2021

So what is happening with the New World Order in 2021? Are they possibly making their biggest move ever? Is the New World Order in 2021 really real? We believe they are, and many people around the world are asking themselves the same. Is all of the craziness happening in the world now a direct result of trying to push a one-world agenda?

The Pandemic has essentially paused the world, and everything we have ever known to be normal, which has suddenly now all changed. At the time of this writing, pushes by governments around the world for Vaccine Passports, which Big Tech and governments are working hand in hand on, is becoming a reality.

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The United States government and the Biden administration have put out feelers already to see how the US people would react, and many were not happy. The White House Press secretary is now saying they will not push a mandate for vaccine passports, but many believe this will be forced through Big Tech and the private sector. The New World Order in 2021 seems to be growing stronger. The more lockdowns and restrictions governments put on their people, the stronger the New World Order in 2021 is.

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If you are living in the United States these days, all you see in the news are stories against the police. The media have been on campaigns to make all people of color believe the police are out to hunt them down, this is simply not true. Not only is the media pitching these lies, but the Biden Administration is also spitting the same rhetoric.

The Biden Administration has even directed the department of justice to probe the Minneapolis Police Department after the Derek Chauvin verdict was reached.. You may wonder why that is a problem? Well, anytime the government gets involved in local law enforcement’s policies and affairs, that is overstepping their authority. This is especially bad with an administration that has been vocal in the support of defunding the police. I am sure these “probes” will not stop with one department.

Be sure to listen to the New World Order in 2021 Podcast episode below! Much More on this to come.

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