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Joe Biden Gun Control

Ok so this is getting crazy folks, are we about to enter into the North Korea of the West? Will the United States no longer be a free country? Has the United States really been free in a long time? I don’t believe we have, and the Joe Biden Gun Control Initiative is about to ensure we may never be a free country again.

You may ask yourself, why would gun control mean we are no longer a free country? Well if you understand what the United States Constitution was written for, then you will see we are far off from that now. Joe Biden speaks on Gun Control in the below video.

The second amendment is clear. In short the amendment states:

Amendment II

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

The amendment also speaks on the right to bear arms for protection not only for home defense but in the event of a tyrannical government that turns against the people. Many now are asking themselves, is the Biden administration making moves to take away the second amendment with the Joe Biden Gun Control initiative? The answer to that seems to be pretty clear, yes.

The second amendment was not written to be debated or changed. The United States constitution is the most important document the United States has ever written to protect all people of this country. It ensures the people of safety, freedom, and future. The document was written almost as if they knew what was to take place in the future. A government that becomes too big for its own good, that moves to control the people like other countries you see around the world.

Joe Biden North Korea Dictator
The people of North Korea are made to worship their leader

New World Order 2021

So how does this all tie to the New World Order and Joe Biden? Most of us have seen the many videos of Joe Biden stumbling through his words in just about every speech. This President was supposedly the most voted-for President in United States history. Really? A guy that barely campaigned and has trouble remembering what office he is even running for…

The better question is why would the democratic party pick Joe Biden to beat Trump? Knowing this guy was declining in his cognitive and speaking skills, and could barely put together a sentence. Well, the answer to that is pretty simple, they needed someone very easy to control. They, the New World Order, needed a figure as President that they could push anything through with little blowback.

Joe Biden Calls For New World Order

The last person they want in this position is someone that is America First. It is much harder to create a One World Operation with the last free country in the world, not on board. People wonder why any President would create policies that encourage illegal immigration on a MASS scale, like the Biden Administration. The more people that flood into the United States, the less the US remains a nation. See where I am going with this?

The Joe Biden Gun Control Initiative is just another step in the process. If you want to force a patriotic, gun-toting country into globalism, you must first disarm them in order to force anything. A country unable to defend itself will be doomed as a people.

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