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Bigfoot Conspiracy Podcast 2

On part 2 of the Bigfoot Conspiracy Podcast, we dig a little deeper with our thoughts and theories of Bigfoot. In this episode, we have a little help from our guest, expert Bigfoot Researcher from BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) Ron Boles. Ron has extensive experience in Bigfoot Research over the many years he has been involved with this elusive creature.

Ron Boles Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization
Ron Boles Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

Not only does Ron know a lot about the possibility of the existence of Bigfoot, he himself with some friends had their own hair raising experience. This experience would soon give him no choice but to research and learn anything he could of this creature. Not only has Ron been studying this giant creature for many years now, but Ron has also been featured on the show Finding Bigfoot on the Animal Planet.

We also explore some creepy sounds that people have captured on their recording devices that sound like no other animal we have ever heard. Could you imagine being in the woods and hearing these hair-raising sounds wondering if the sounds are indeed coming from Bigfoot himself? We also examine a couple of 911 calls reporting what the callers believed to be Bigfoot in their yard at night. You do not want to miss this one.

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