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Ufos in Ancient Paintings & The Bible

So one thing that many people forget to think about when it comes to aliens, is the fact that they have appeared in paintings from thousands of years ago. Ufos in Ancient Paintings & The Bible should be a clear sign from people long before us, that aliens do exist and have for a long time. The recent ufo sightings are really nothing new if you read the bible verses about them or look at some of the paintings. How has this been so vastly overlooked? Why does nobody talk about this?

Below are our images we talk about in this episode. All descriptions of images come from ancestryofman.com

Why else would UFOs appear in ancient paintings, in a time where there were no such things as the internet, tv, or media. They did not need videos or the media telling them what they saw in the sky was not real, because thousands of people seen the same things. We discuss what the possibility would be of the crafts that appeared in the paintings not being ufo’s, what else could they have been painting? How would they just make up crafts that many people around the world today describe as looking very similar? Not only have civilians around the world seen these crafts, but military pilots have ufos on video!

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