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Cia Releases UFO Files

So recently the CIA releases ufo files that they say have been declassified. We have read through a few of these ufo files on our show that you can also read below, but we also know that there is no way this is all the ufo files from the CIA. So what gives? Well, it is pretty simple, even with the few documents we went over on the show, those documents make clear how much the Air Force and the government wanted to cover up the UFO situation.

cia documents released

It is also no surprise that the government is still not telling us the whole truth. Throughout the 2000s there have been thousands of sightings by both civilians and military alike with no clear determination of anything, and I am sure that is on purpose. Below are a few of the documents we covered in this episode of Investigate Earth Conspiracy Podcast.

Documents Covered on This Episode (Click To Open)

So I will say again, there is doubt that the CIA more than likely has thousands of classified documents that will never be released. How obvious does it have to be that aliens do in fact exist, and yet the government still lies to the people. Why are they so worried that the general public will know that aliens exist and that not only have they visited earth, but they may still be around here. UFO sightings are nothing new, alien sightings and encounters have happened for thousands of years dating back to pre-biblical times, and we will talk about that on our next episode, until then, check out our episode of cia releases ufo files.

CIA Releases UFO Files Conspiracy Podcast

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