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Prepping for 2021 – Why We Should Prep

With so many things happening right now in this country, it has become a scary time for many people not only in the United States but for people around the world. You may have friends or family that are currently buying up food supplies, generators, gas cans, or weapons and ammo. You may be wondering if people that are prepping for 2021 are overreacting, and the short and long answer is NO.

When the Pandemic began for the USA in February of 2020 the government told us that we just needed a few weeks and we would turn the corner on the virus, but that did not happen. Countries around the world went on lockdown and many lost their jobs. Now here we are almost into February of 2021 and we are still under lockdown but now more people are desperate than ever.

doomsday prepping 2021
Food storage underground

So on top of the worldwide lockdowns, people losing their jobs, businesses everywhere closing, the Unites States 2020 election was a complete mess. Not only was the election a mess, but there has been fighting in the streets and people burning down businesses that were already struggling to survive all in the name of POLITICS and the DEEP STATE. What do I mean by that?

Well, the left side of the US political party knew that in order to get votes, they had to weaponize race in the country and they did just that. Still not convinced we should be prepping for 2021? They have had the mainstream media on their side and they pushed that all conservative or Trump supporters were racist, they made the black community believe that police were out hunting them, and the only party that could save them are the democrats.

blm riots 2020
BLM Rioters burn down cars and buildings in 2020

Now you have half of the country feeling cheated by the media, big tech and social media, and many elected officials. Not only will this affect the United States, but this will soon enough touch the world. Many believe this entire plan is to implement a globalist agenda or a New World Order. Joe Biden has already elected 10 Big Tech execs into his cabinet, and many Americans fear what is to come in the weeks and months ahead. In this episode of our podcast, we talk about all the reasons why you should be prepping now and getting ready for what may be to come.

Prepping for 2021 Podcast | Why We Should Be Prepping Now

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