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Social Media Censorship 2021

Well well well ….. You mean to tell me that we recorded not one podcast over a year ago, but 2 talking about social media censorship and it’s magically not a conspiracy theory anymore? I mean after all, if you were not part of the far-left media or political party when everyone was screaming censorship the past few years, you would be labeled a conspiracy theorist. At this moment and time, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, basically every social media platform has banned the sitting President of the United States so that he could no longer get out any information in his usual method. Not only has the President been banned but conservatives, constitutionalists, basically anyone that does not share the same ideology with the left and big tech is being banned while big tech is not even denying at this point the fact of social media censorship in 2021.

mark zuckerberg questioned by congress - social media censorship
Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook CEO Questioned by Congress

Sound scary huh? People on the left side of the political ocean are not worried but in fact cheering this on, not realizing that this too will affect them in the near future. Below is a newly leaked video coming from the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, telling his employees that this is just the beginning of the censorship and they are going to move forward and censor large swaths of people that they basically do not agree with. SICK!

The video above is the Jack Dorsey Leaked video on Censorship that was uncovered by Project Veritas. Great job project veritas, I hope they continually obtain leaks by these Big Tech platforms from their workers that are not exactly happy with what is going on with social media censorship. Listen to our podcast on the current social media censorship in 2021.

Social Media Censorship in 2021 Podcast

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