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Storm Area 51 Conspiracy Podcast

So as I am sure many of you have already heard, over 1 million people are now planning to Storm Area 51 at 3 AM on September 20th, 2019. So will this thing really go down?

Well if there is one thing we have learned about social media, this is all a very good possibility sadly. What will the government do about this crazy plan? How would they stop it?

military plans to stop storm area 51
The military is ready for anyone planning to Storm Area 51

So for the crazy tagline “Storm Area 51, They can’t stop us all”, this could not be furthest from the truth. Area 51 is where the United States government develops our most secretive weapons. Many believe that Area 51 is the home of extraterrestrial vehicles or UFO’S.

Even if you could make the trip past the gates, you still have many miles to travel before getting to the actual base. On this episode, we discuss the Area 51 phenomenon, whether people are actually serious, and what happens if this moves forward. With our extensive research on Area 51, we will tell you our thoughts on what may happen, and just what may really be in Area 51. Listen below.

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Storm Area 51 Conspiracy Podcast

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