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New World Order Conspiracy Part 2

If you see the featured image of this post, you will see a guy with an assault rifle waiting at what looks to be a newly assembled gate. Could this happen with a New World Order or a One World Government? The scary part is, if you are a believer in the bible or at the lest are familiar with the bible, you would know the bible talks about a One World Government.

The New World Order Conspiracy is often compared to what the bible says about the end times. The bible says there will be war and talks of war, a push for a One World Government, and in fact, the bible says this will happen.

one world government

We, of course, hope that none of this ever happens, but who knows? This country and the world seems to grow more unstable every day. Our relationships with each other seem to be degrading due to politics and media, and we wonder what will change this.

Are all these things happening and being pushed to promote the benefits of a One World Government or a New World Order? We investigate many of these claims in our podcast episode below.

New World Order Conspiracy Podcast Part 2

Join us for season 1 of Investigate Earth Conspiracy Podcast. We talk about all the top conspiracy theories around the world with new information on many of the stories. We invite our listener's opinions and thoughts so that we can share what you think on each conspiracy. Most shows will be a 2 part series. You do not want to miss it!

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