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Moon Landing Conspiracy

Did Americans really step onto the moon in 1969? If so, why have we not been back since? So many questions to be answered or at least debated.  Landing on the moon has been known as one of the greatest accomplishments for the United States. Many watched on that day in 1969 being proud to be an American and proud of their country. But was it faked??? Why would they fake it? This is a must listen to episode of the Moon Landing Conspiracy.

Van Allen Radiation Belts
Van Allen Radiation Belts – Moon Landing Conspiracy

The above picture is why most people that believe the moon landing was faked, the Van Allen Radiation Belts. Scientist themselves have gone on record to say that we currently do not have the technology to penetrate these belts safely to get to the moon. We have all of these audio clips from astronauts and scientist in our podcast below. You do not want to miss this one!

Moon Landing Conspiracy Podcast

Join us for season 1 of Investigate Earth Conspiracy Podcast. We talk about all the top conspiracy theories around the world with new information on many of the stories. We invite our listener's opinions and thoughts so that we can share what you think on each conspiracy. Most shows will be a 2 part series. You do not want to miss it!

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