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JFK Assassination Conspiracy Part 2

Was JFK assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald? Or was this part of a big government cover-up. In part 2 we give our best opinions based on all of the information we currently know. The strange thing about Lee Harvey Oswald was that he ended up dead only a few days after proclaiming his innocence. He was being transported from one jail to another when he was gunned suddenly down. Why would they not have more security measure in place for this transport? Let us dive deep into the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Lee Harvey
Lee Harvey Oswald briefly speaks before the media

Was he shot because he was actually set up to be the shooter? He was claiming innocence from the beginning. When the police first found the gun at the scene of the shooting, they claim it was a different weapon than the weapon the government officials put down, which was that of Lee Harvey Oswald’s. Listen to part 2 below

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JFK Assassination Conspiracy Podcast Part 2


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